A Critique of the Myers-Briggs Individual Type Individuality Indicator

A Critique of the Myers-Briggs Individual Type Persona Indicator

The Myers-Brigs type indicator is founded on identifying an individual’s personality choices. The questionnaire originated by Isabel Myers and her mom, Briggs, predicated on their use Carl Jung’s theory of individuality types. Each one of the eight letters stands of how we perceive and relate with the world all around us. The first letter E means extroversion. Extroversion means a way to obtain energy comes from the outer globe. Another letter is I which means introversion. Introversion means the contrary of extrovert since the way to obtain energy is in the inner world. The third letter is S which symbolizes sensing. Sensing means a person believes information from the exterior world such as for example facts, and specifics. The fourth letter is N which represents intuition. Intuition means a person gets information from the inner world and future choices. The 5th letter is T which means thinking. Pondering means a person would make a decision predicated on reasoning. The 6th letter is F which means feeling. Feeling means making the decision based on emotion. The seventh letter can be J which represents judging. This means organizing and carrying out a plan. The previous letter is P this means perceiving; it’s considered bettering and exploring different alternatives (HumanMetrics).

The initials that explain my account are INFJ, which means introvert, intuitive, sense and judging. INFJ describes a person who's caring, organized, plus they think factors through. INFJ may be the rarest type. INFJ types do not express their feelings perfectly, they protect themselves, and so are difficult

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