An Analysis of Recycling at American University and its own Positive Results

An Analysis of Recycling at American University and its own Positive Results

I. Introduction

Environmental science can be involved with the global affect of human being activity on the planet. In fact, at the dawn of the new century, near 25 percent of the earth’s usable normal water is contaminated. Furthermore, during the last hundred years, we've increased the quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, by losing fossil fuels, such as for example coal and petroleum and by doing this we have increased how much gases in the atmosphere. The effect is that more temperature is trapped in the machine, increasing the global temp by 1° C (about 1.8° F).

Because the planet earth is a closed system, these concerns are of significant concern to environmentalists. As the “Gaia Hypothesis” claims it, we are sustained by an individual living system, and therefore we count on it for our survival, where all of the parts are interconnected and everything we do influences it globally. For example, as more heat is trapped in the ambiance, the temperature increases, affecting precipitation, the rainfall becomes acid, which affect our food production and our new water supply, in the end it impacts all of the living system on earth. Basically, in that system there is absolutely no “away” in “throwing aside,” hence, during the last decade persons and companies started being conscious of it and for that reason acknowledged the have to “recycle.”

II. Recycling

Recycling refers to collecting and reprocessing means into services. The resources on earth aren't all renewable, and recycling ensures that we could create devices where wastes become means again, which is called

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