An Introduction to the problem of the Gap Between Rich and Poor Today

An Introduction to the problem of the Gap Between Rich and Poor Today

The gap between rich and poor nowadays.

In the world of 1995, you may still find huge differeces between wealthy and poor, developed and less made countries. But why? Who's to blame? What can we carry out about any of it? Many things have already been used to solve these problems, but does it work?

It appears bizarre, that people, modern, intelligent persons, have not however succeded to be rid of the distinctions between DCs (made countries) and LDCs (less developed countries).

We make an effort, don't we? Each year, we grant 2% of our Gross National Item, GNP, to foreign aid to greatly help the LDCs to obtain an improved standard of living (better agriculture, even more and better universities and hospitals, usage of health personell, drugs, etc.).

On the other palm, is our "quality lifestyle" the very best for LDCs, and the main one we have to impose on them? For example, what is the idea of giving sophisticated macinery like tractors and harvesters, which need expensive fuel and repair, to persons who've harvested their crops by manpower for more than 100 years?

We know for an undeniable fact that the amount of money we grant isn't being used adequately. Most of the money is considered by the governments of the not as much developed countries, and plenty of the sum aren't being utilized to the reasons they are designed for. Bribery and corruption will be big problems in developing countries.

It makes more sense to dig wells

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