An Research of Creons Virtue and Antigones Flaws in Sophocless Tragedy Antigone

An Examination of Creon's Virtue and Antigone's Flaws in Sophocles's Tragedy Antigone

Antigone Essay

Sophocles makes us find some correct in Creon, some incorrect in Antigone. Discuss the validity of the statement, commenting where likely on the usage of language and dramatic/theatrical products in creating two flawed tragic heroes.

Antigone, Sophocles does actually show some correct in Creon plus some incorrect in Antigone. This is due to the knowledge of Creon as the protagonist in this tragedy, whereas Antigone sometimes appears in a subordinate role. So being the circumstance, Creon could be perceived as an honourable gentleman, whose corruption could be traced to his hamartia, or tragic error. However, Antigone is obviously regarded as a virtuous person, but her flaws in the take up can only just be traced back again to her own character. These arguments are reinforced by the language and dramatic devices found in this play.

Creon is seen as the protagonist of the play on many several levels. In conditions of the composition of the take up, Creon speaks practically twice the lines of Antigone and is certainly in nearly every scene of the take up, whereas Antigone in previous seen at line 943 in a 1353 brand play. Since Sophocles wrote this take up for a viewing crowd, Creon assumes a larger importance than Antigone. Addititionally there is the fact that the type of Antigone is not needed for this take up, because without her, the Gods would still contain punished Creon. She simply increases the interest of the plot, whereas Creon can be an essential part. The virtually all relevant point, however, is definitely Aristotles theory of what a

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