Managing Strategy

 Essay about Managing Approach


The Lecturer

Dewan Niamul Karim

BRAC Business School

BRAC University

Subject: Page of Transmittal

Dear Friend,

With credited respect and honor all of us the students of yours would like to formally submit our last report in organization composition of Common trust financial institution. In this statement we tried out our best to accumulate data from Mutual trust traditional bank within this limited time period. Below we contain all important information just like job field of expertise process, organogram, departmentalization procedure, delegation system, reporting marriage with their employees, is this lender departmentalized or centralized and etc.

We consequently hope that you just would be kind enough to assess our circumstance and advise any necessary corrections. For those who have any kind of questions about this statement please don't be reluctant to contact with any of our group people.

Sincerely Your own

Group People

Section 1 )


• First of all we are graceful to changeless Allah to get giving us the power to finish our term paper which has a well established method and at an ideal or plan time period. To generate a report it' need a lots of information, hard work, link, members' coordination and so on. The main reason for this report is MTBL organization composition and building process design. To make this report each of the thanks goes to MTBL's SR. Executive vice president DR . Asaduz Zaman as they help us a lot about giving info of Common Trust Traditional bank LTD and in addition give us an understanding how to make a concise statement where needs to have detail details and demonstration of the statement should be great. He provided us long patient reading and sitting, practical alignment and giving an answer to our numerous quarries perfectly.

• We are likewise thanks to the reverend educator Dewan Niamul Karim, lecturer, BBS section, BRAC University. He was and so familiar with us about how to get data, this individual explain us how ought to be the acknowledgement and bibliography and the necessity. Additionally he help us the right way to be get over from the obstacles of this statement.

• We are likewise grateful to Mr. A. K. M. Shameem is Head of ID, Treasury, IT and Card Split. He gives us the knowledge of Bank's several buyer products and just how consumers could be benefited from those goods. E as well gave all of us the knowledge about MTBL MIS department and IT division, what is the key activity employees' work on that department. What kid of technology TBL actually utilized.

Finally we would like to give as a result of our very well wishers.


1 . The Prefatory Parts: Page

a. Title Fly…... 01

b. Title Page…... 02

c. Letter of Transmittal…... goal

d. Acknowledgement …... 04

e. Stand of Articles and Set of Illustrations…... 05 f. Business Summary…... 06

2 . Launch:

a. Report background …... 08

m. Methodology…... '08

c. Restriction …... 2009 d. Supply of collection of Data …... 2009

3. The Body of the Record:

a. The Company Overview…... 12

b. Standard Elements of Organizing…... 12

- Job Design…... 12

-- Grouping the roles: Departmentalization…... 13 - Developing Reporting Relationship…... 14 - Distributing Authority…... 15

-- Coordination…... 17

- Differentiating Between Positions…... 18 - Line Positions

- Personnel Positions

c. Organization Design…... 19

m. Recommendations…... twenty

e. Conclusion…... 21

some. Bibliography…... twenty two

It is the primary project on organization framework of Shared Trust Traditional bank. The main...


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