sociological points of views

Marxism: An economic, social, and political viewpoint based on suggestions that perspective social difference in terms of economic factors. Developed inside the 19th 100 years by Karl Marx (1818-1883). Marxism says that people on the globe are structured into diverse classes based upon their romance to how things are manufactured. Most people are called " workers" because they work in industries or offices or farms for money. They will belong to the " working class" (or " proletariat" ). Another group, who have are not as large as the working course are " capitalists", mainly because they own the factories, area and properties that the staff have to operate and also individual all of the equipment the workers have to use. This is certainly called " the lording it over class”. Is actually a macro point of view. Functionalism: the theory that all areas of a society serve a different sort of function and they are necessary for the survival of these society and contribute to culture working together as a whole to serve and function properly. It was produced in the nineteenth century. Is a macro point of view. Feminism: is known as a movement that may be to define, establish, and defend equal political, monetary, cultural, and social privileges for women. Including seeking to create equal opportunities for women in education and employment. Created in the nineteenth century. Feminism can undertake either a macro or micro perspective to understanding human behaviour, particularly how male or female impacts conduct giving go up to inequality. Interactionism: Interactionism is tiny and feels that which means is produced through the interactions of individuals. It's the study showing how individuals work within society. Interactionist theory is 20th century and has become one of many dominant sociological perspectives nowadays. Collectivism: originated in the 20th century. The is regarded as a lesser business to a region, a state, a social class or a competition. Collectivism emphasises control and ownership of production and distribution beneath the supervision of, a government and by those jointly...



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