Marianne Rallyo


Midterm Newspaper

29 October 2012

Swallow by Thosapol Boriboon and Inday Vargas by Ahmed Parfan

Are you one of those folks who loves art so much that you might spend several hours studying, criticizing and enhancing it? Very well, I absolutely am not only one of them. Not necessarily because I hate fine art, but mainly because I i am simply indifferent, apathetic. However , merely am to see a museum, art can easily grasp my attention for a short amount of time, yet I weary when I was not appreciated to view all of them anymore. Previous Saturday, all of us visited the UP Vargas Museum. To start with I was hesitant to walk around the museum by itself, because I had been late therefore i had no one to walk with and it was strangely quiet inside. Not to mention, a few of the pieces exhibited were basically creepy searching. But I had developed no choice, it absolutely was for a grade and I needed to be brave to pass this course. Surprisingly, I actually do not feel dissapointed going in there alone one bit. I really enjoyed taking a look at the different artwork pieces inside. One of the artworks that captured my attention was a 2D painting titled Swallow made by Thosapol Boriboon. It reminded me of the character, Sadako inside the movie, " The Ring". It is manufactured from acrylic on canvas, which will consists of earthy and gloomy colors. The blurry impact painting strategy and the earthy yet gloomy choice of color combination of Thosapol Boriboon provides the art work a somewhat unfortunate, scary and angry feel to it. The art work also includes many different lines like, rounded lines, indirect lines, damaged lines and many more. I think this is certainly another way to inform that there are a number of emotions going on in the portrait. In the piece of art, you can see a shape of a female standing with her again facing the audience. I think this kind of woman is among the reasons why the painting assignments a weird feel to it, concerning she has simply no head and she is facing towards the darker. The abstract think of a big section of the painting provides feeling of getting crazy-like, challenging, messy and jumbled up. The placement of the...



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