Wally Wizard Gpsn

Module 2 Case Study

Michael Camac

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Bureaucratic Accounting


The advice that I would make to Wally Wizard will be as follows: I recommend to not delegate the production from the Global Positioning System navigator (GPSN). I found this by totaling the total price for Giant Motors Corp (BMC). The subsequent table signifies the statistics that I developed;

So it cost us at BMC $3, 400, 000 to make the eight thousand GPSN devices a month necessary to supply our Sport Energy Vehicles (SUVs). I then assembled what bills I thought were avoidable and unavoidable. The following is a group of expenses that I located to be avoidable; Direct Materials, Part of Immediate Labor, as well as the lease pertaining to rented storage area facilities that is to be no longer be used with the freed up space from no more storing the units regular monthly. The following expenses are inescapable:

Part of Direct Labor (penalty for layoffs), The Factory Space on the floor being used for various other storage, Remedies Labor, and General Business Overhead. I then came up with a chart that looks like this,

The way that I came up with the unavoidable expenses was first I took the cost of laying off of the labor discipline. We would need to pay $66, 1000 a year pertaining to four years if we laid off the work push in union penalties. We multiplied the numbers together and created $264, 000. I divided that number simply by 24 (term of agreement with China Enterprises or perhaps FEE) and also $11, 000 a month. I then decided that the floor space that we are using will likely be used no matter and is going to continue to price us $40, 000 per month. We is going to reassign each of our supervisors to another position inside our organization so we all of their $56, 500 salary monthly is inescapable. Our general company cost to do business will be designated to other locations so this income is also inevitable. I then worked out the cost per month of the eight thousand units whenever we outsourced. The price was $3, 200, 1000. So I then...



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